The secret to Wealth is giving

I am not too sure what I think about this heading and because I do not consider myself wealthy, I am not an expert on this. I touched briefly in my last blog “Watching what you spend – Your future is important” based on my research, some of the wealthy people in the world give at least 10% of their income to philanthropy or charitable cases.


Tony Robbins uses “The secret to wealth is giving” in his book “Money: Master the Game” so I thought it was an important topic to share with others who may want to be wealthy. It is important we recognise that wealth is not just associated to money. If you refer to the Oxford English Dictionary wealth means “an abundance of something desirable”.

Tony takes “The secret to wealth is giving” one step further by believing that “the secret to living is giving”. This is very evident for Tony given the amount of time, effort and money he puts into his own foundation which we will talk about later on.

Recently I volunteered to join a not-for-profit board “Gellibrand” as their Treasurer. This is an organisation supporting individuals with a disability enabling them to enjoy quality of life and lifestyle choices available in the community. The reason I joined a not-for-profit organisation was to use my skills and expertise to help an organisation. I am excited at the prospect of assisting the board of Gellibrand as well as developing my own skills and help Gellibrand move forward in the right direction.

Nardia and I have also started setting aside money from each pay cheque (not a lot, less than 10% but will aim for 10%) to help those who need it more than we do. We are not sure who we are going to donate to at the moment but I think based on my research we need to find something that inspires us to give more to our choice of organisation.

Examples of wealthy people

If you want to have a look at what some of the wealthiest people (billionaires) are doing with over half of their wealth when they pass away, like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates & Richard Branson visit for a look of all the kind natured people out there. If you want to learn more about “the secret to wealth is giving” read the books mentioned below.

The key

Tony believes that the key to giving, is to find something that inspires you to give to an organisation. This too makes sense to me, because you are spending your hard earned money or spare time to invest in an organisation. You need to be passionate about the cause and even better, be able to see what your money or time has been invested in.

Tony believes it is a virtuous cycle, the more you give the more you will receive. He has a fantastic story which started when he was only a teenager, when his family was struggling and they received food for thanksgiving from a stranger. From that point in time, Tony thought it was amazing that someone could donate food to a stranger, he then decided to return the favour to 2 people he didn’t know and it grew with friends to 4 more people, than 8 and he now has a foundation feeding over 2 million people per year, visit for more information.

Tony stresses that our mentality of “money cannot buy happiness” can be correct because it is the way those people spend their money that makes them unhappy. Tony believes that research shows you can buy happiness from spending money on the following things:-

1. Buying Experiences (not possessions)
2. Buying time
3. Investing in others

Tony states based on studies done, that happiness they/we receive from helping others lasts a lot longer than by spending money on yourself.

What has this got to do with me

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give” Windsor Churchill.
As I stated at the beginning, I am not sure if I necessarily agree with “The secret to wealth is giving” but given the resources I have studied of some of the wealthiest people in the world, it would suggest to me that there is some merit to it.

I think that giving my time and money is an important part to strive for a balanced life. The happiness that you get from giving your hard earned money and your valuable time to those who need it most, could be very important to help drive you even further.

I believe everyone’s balanced life looks completely different as we are all individuals. If you are not sure how that looks for you, or how you want it to look and would like some assistance, contact me to discuss, it would be my pleasure.



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