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I have had a couple of comments from people in regards to the “Do I own a business or a job?” blog, such as “we love being the technician” and “I love being on the tools”. I think this is a very good point and one that we should be aware of.

I think it is very important we understand our role in our own small business. I like to think of small business as a mini corporation and that we need to develop an organisational chart that looks like a corporation (CEO, CFO, COO, CMO). Once we have identified all the roles in the business, it is important to put a name to each position. For some small businesses where you have 1-5 people your name will be in multiple positions and you will have multiple position agreements.

Once you have identified who is going to do what, you can then analyse how much time you can spend doing the technical work (being the technician). If you find that after filling the leadership and managerial positions with your own name as the business owner then it probably does not leave much time for the technical work. See the table below on what E-Myth believes is the right spread of time for each role.


It is important as mentioned in the “Do you own a Business or Job?” blog that if you do still want to do technical work, for let say 50% of the time then you need other people to fill the high end roles which could be a major issue. Each role and each type of work is as important as the next but you need the right people in each one of those roles “They start by getting the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats.” Jim Collins.

In conclusion make sure that if you want to do the technical work, you are leaving enough time for the entrepreneurial and managerial work or you have someone else performing these roles. As I have already mentioned each part of the business is as critical as the next. Without sales or a good brand there is no technical work. Without sound financials there is no money. Without the technical work there is no business.


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