Know your Roles

I have had a couple of comments from people in regards to the “Do I own a business or a job?” blog, such as “we love being the technician” and […]

Extreme Ownership

Have you ever wondered why some people just get things done? Why some people seem in control? And why some people seem to just have the best luck? The answer […]

Do you own a business or a job?

Business or a job

This subject really hit home for me recently. Although I do not own a business personally, I see myself as an integral part of PPT Accounting. I recently read “E-myth […]

Be a creator not a competitor

We all have a competitive stake in our makeup, some more than others. To be a creator does not mean you can’t be a competitor but we need to think […]

Compete against yourself not others

I have recently learned that you need to compete against yourself not others, whether it is in business or individually. I have always been of the belief that we should […]

The secret to Wealth is giving

I am not too sure what I think about this heading and because I do not consider myself wealthy, I am not an expert on this. I touched briefly in […]

Watching what you spend – Your future is important

Now that we have discovered our ‘Golden Circle’ this new post is about budgets and how we should allocate our hard earned money to make it work for us. A budget […]

Biology and the “Golden Circle”

Now that I have described to you my ‘Golden Circle’ I wanted to briefly touch on why I have shared this with you. I believe it is important to share […]

The “WHAT” – Completion of the “Golden Circle”

My “WHAT” In my last post I touched on my “HOW” and what that means to me, in this blog I will share with you the last step of the […]

The “HOW” in business and life

Following on from the “WHY” In my last blog I shared with you my “WHY” and how Simon Sinek believes that starting with “WHY” is pivotal to our business and […]