About Thomas Elford

My purpose is to use my drive, loyalty, positivity and hardworking attitude to support, inspire and encourage others to be successful and to be the best they can be each day by working together in an honest and friendly way.

I am committed to inspiring as many individuals and businesses to help them succeed financially and to assist them towards their business and personal goals.

I am passionate about assisting others to achieve the best for themselves and their businesses by providing them advice, the tools necessary, the support needed and to connect them to the appropriate people in search for their success.

I believe the times ahead will be an interesting time for all and it is those that are willing to change for the better and work hard on themselves and their business to strive for greatness will succeed.

My short time at PPT Accounting has given me the ability to expand on my knowledge and expertise which has allowed me to work with many different clients through different industries.

I have a great understanding of technology and learning new products very quickly to enable us and our clients to get the best solution possible to help move forward in a time efficient and effective manner.

My areas of expertise include; Taxation Advice, Design and implement budgets for clients to help them progress towards their future goals, technology, Business advice and business planning, Business Structures and setups, Business sales and acquisition advise, Business Valuations, residential property investment/negative gearing, Succession and retirement Planning.